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Distillery Survival Fund

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the ability of small-batch distilleries worldwide to produce their craft spirits has been negatively impacted due to mandated shutdowns and the safety of their workforce. In many cases, these distilleries have refocused their efforts to aid in supplying their communities with much needed sanitizing products to combat the spread of the virus. This has directly affected the productivity and financial viability of these craft distilleries, leading to greatly reduced access for consumers to their products. In direct response to this, Rooshine Inc. is proud to be able to support small-batch craft distilleries through the development of a new program called the “Distillery Survival Fund”.  Rooshine, Inc. has secured access to a stockpile of spirits that we have been thoughtfully aging for future release.  In collaboration with industry partners, Rooshine, Inc can make these products available to small batch distilleries worldwide to partner with them as we collectively recover from this global pandemic. Company believes small-batch craft distilleries are the heart of the spirits industry and the team at Rooshine, Inc. will not let them stand alone during their time of need. 

  • Rooshine, Inc has access to a significant stockpile of spirits ranging in age from 0-20 years across a variety of Whiskies, Bourbons, Rums, Vodkas, and Gins.

  • Rooshine, Inc is offering to supply these products with no upfront fees or interest to distilleries and producers worldwide.

  • The Distillery Survival Fund is intended to allow distilleries to remain focused on core business operations amidst the pandemic, whilst still having healthy stock when they are back on their feet and are flexible with the quantities needed by a particular client.

  • Distilleries and producers can dramatically improve their cash flow by not having to pre-pay for supplies, and simultaneously keeping costs of production and associated overheads low.

  • COVID-19 is affecting buying trends globally and, with access to a variety of products, distilleries will be positioned to increase their product range without large investment.

  • With access to larger quantities than they can normally produce distilleries have the ability to access different sales avenues and introduce new product segments not previously available to your brand.

  • Order aged stock and get to market faster increasing profit margins.

  • Custom recipes and blends available, with samples available upon request from serious parties.

  • Finish Rooshine’s products to your own blend, flavour profile and packaging and make it your own.


If interested in accessing the “Distillery Survival Fund” and receiving consigned product now with payment after it has been packaged and sold, then register at or drop us an email at  We will be in touch with more information! We value privacy, we will not ask for any unnecessary personal information and at no time will we ask to see recipes, trade secrets or copyrights that could jeopardize your brand. 

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